updated: 03 January 2022

The Master Calls window shows all calls in a Master log based on the characters entered in the callsign field of the QSO Window. For example, when the callsign field contains 'KK', all callsigns in the Master log starting with 'KK' will be shown. The use of a '?' (question mark) is allowed, for example, 'W?L' will find calls such as 'W3LPL', 'W9LZ', etc. When the callsign fields starts with a question mark, the letter combination can appear anywhere in the callsign. For example, '?KK' will find calls such as 'KK4HD' and 'AB4KK'.

Normally, lookup assumes you are typing the beginning of a call. You can change to a substring lookup by right-clicking on the MasterLookup window:

Here is an example showing a substring search for "U1I":

DX4WIN does not ship with a Master Log. These files are available from many sources, and a menu option is available to convert an ASCII text file containing callsigns, to the format used by DX4WIN.

Master Calls from your log

If you want to use all the calls stored in your own log, export the calls to a text file:

  1. Export your log using the 'calls' filter

  2. Save the file somewhere, naming it calls.txt

    Follow the conversion process below.

Master calls from an external database

The most popular master calls database is the Super Check Partial database for use by contest logging software. Download the .ZIP file and extract the desired .DTA file to your disk. Then follow the conversion process below.

Converting the master calls for DX4WIN

  1. In the QSO window, go to Window -> Master Calls

  2. You will get an error box if there is no dx4win.mas file:

    Click OK to continue
  3. Next is a MasterLookup box. Right-click in that box and choose Convert

  4. Select the calls.txt or master.dta file you want to convert.

    Note that if you are converting a text file, it will not show in the file browser, but you can still type in the name by hand:

  5. When the conversion is done, DX4WIN will report the number of calls converted from the file:

Merging Master Call databases

There is no straightforward way to convert/merge more than one master callsign database. However, Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA, has written a program called MEdit which allows you to edit, import and export callsigns in a master database.