This note gives some tips for importing and exporting contest logs into and out of DX4WIN.

Importing Contest Logs

The easiest way to way to import logs from a contest is if the log is in ADIF format. CT, N1MM Logger+, Writelog and certainly other programs can generate ADIF files. TR LOG can only generate minimal ADIF, enough to upload to ARRL LoTW but not enough to populate the contest exchange information into your DX4WIN log.

If you want to get some of the contest exchange information imported into DX4WIN, try the Convert ADIF to DX4WIN DXQ utility. This utility has been tested with ADIF files from both N1MM and WriteLog.

For state QSO parties, it may be useful to import the state and county information into your log, but the contest log may only contain a county abbreviation. My ADIF County Conversion program can help in this regard (some state QSO parties are supported in ADIF to DXQ).

If your logging software can export Cabrillo but not ADIF, or the ADIF format is lacking, there are at least three ways to convert a Cabrillo contest log to ADIF:

Exporting Contest Logs

Many contest sponsors accept contest logs in the Cabrillo format. In fact, most of them accept contest logs only in the Cabrillo format. Unfortunately, DX4WIN can not export Cabrillo.

There are several ways to convert an ADIF contest log to Cabrillo: