The adif2dxq program converts ADIF contest logs from N1MM Logger+, Win-Test and WriteLog (and possibly others) into DX4WIN .DXQ format.

Version 9.9 of the program was released on 10 December 2021. Go to the Version History to download the installation program.

IMPORTANT: If you try to start the program and see any error messages similar to these:

The program can't start because MFC140.dll is missing from your computer.
The program can't start because MSVCP140.dll is missing from your computer.
The program can't start because VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing from your computer.

then you need to download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019.


There is nothing wrong with importing a contest ADIF file directly into DX4WIN. For many, this is a perfectly acceptable solution. However, the adif2dxq program offers a few features beyond simple ADIF import:


The adif2dxq program is supplied AS IS without any warranties. Support is through the DX4WIN Reflector.

The author assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of the software, conveys no license or title under any patent, copyright, or mask work right to the product.

The author reserves the right to make changes to the software without notification. The author also make no representation or warranty that such application will be suitable for the specified use without further testing or modification.


After downloading the installation program, simply run it and install the program into a directory of your choosing.


To run the program, just double-click on the program icon. You will see a window like the following:

Specify the ADIF input file by clicking on the ADIF button. Once you specify the input file, the output file will be given the same name, but with a .DXQ extension. To change the output file name, click on the DX4WIN button.

Next, select the Format for the .DXQ (output) file. If you are using DX4WIN 8.0x, use the default format (DX4WIN8). If you are using DX4WIN 6.0x or 7.0x, choose the DX4WIN6 format instead. You must select this same format when importing the .DXQ file into DX4WIN (see below).

Next, select the Contest type. If you choose "State QSO Party", then you must select a state from the State drop-down menu. Not all contests are supported, others may be added over time. The operation of the program is unpredictable if you select the wrong contest type for your log.

Enter a Group Number, if desired. The default is Group 0 (the "all QSOs" group). Remember that you can also set the group number in your DX4WIN preferences, before starting the import.

You can enter text in the QSO Note field. You can put any text there you want, up to a maximum of 64 characters.

There are six (6) optional checkboxes:

Finally, click on the Convert button to perform the conversion. If there are any warnings, they will show up in the window.

To import the resulting .DXQ file, choose File | Import/Export from the main DX4WIN menu. If you are using DX4WIN 8.0x, select the line in the Import/Export Filters window with DX4WIN8 in the ID column. If you are using DX4WIN 6.0x or 7.0x, select the line in the Import/Export Filters window with DX4WIN6 in the ID column. This must match the Format you chose when you converted the ADIF file. Next, in this same window, choose File | Import, then navigate to the location of the .DXQ file. Click on the name of the file, then on the Open button. DX4WIN will bring up an "Options for duplicate QSOs" window. Choose "Issue warning and stop". Then click on the OK button to import the file.

Supported Contests

State QSO Parties:

(new contests in bold)

(*) This is a special case of the program that does not populate the Recvd field in the logbook. It can be used to add an optional QSO Note and/or Group Number to each QSO in the ADIF file before importing it into DX4WIN. It recognizes these ADIF fields: GRIDSQUARE, NAME, NOTES and QTH. Others can be added upon request.

For contests not listed above, if the exchange is only a serial number, you can choose CQ WPX.


This program is offered as-is. I'll try to support it as best I can, but development is primarily motivated by the contests I operate.

I've only tested with very recent versions of N1MM, Win-Test (limited) and WriteLog. If the conversion doesn't go the way you expect, send me the .ADI file and I'll try to fix it.

If there is a bug, please let me know. If you want me to add a particular contest, the easiest way is to send me the .ADI (ADIF) file from your contest logging program (and of course tell me which contest it's from).

Things to Do

Version History

To download the installation program, click on the hyperlink containing the version number and date.

Ver 9.9 - 10 December 2021
Feature: Improved support for ARI International DX Contest
Feature: SPDX contest works with N1MM, updates Polska custom award
Feature: Worked All Germany contest works with DXLog
Feature: Added Helvetia contest, updates Helvetia custom award
Feature: Added His Majesty The King of Spain Contest
Feature: Added New Hampshire QSO Party
Feature: Added Arizona QSO Party support for WriteLog
Feature: Added new abbreviations for Delaware QSO Party (KDE, NDE and SDE)
Feature: Combined DE QSO Party with 7-Land, Indiana and New England QSO Parties
Feature: Convert the US county (if available) when using the "None" contest selection
Feature: Removed Update checkbox, replaced with LoTW and eQSL
Bug Fix: Age is now read from WriteLog log for All Asia contest
Bug Fix: QSO in RDA Contest with no logged exchange could crash the program
Bug Fix: AL, KY and TX QSO Parties didn't populate the Rcvd field (WriteLog)
Other: now using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 compiler
Ver 9.8 - 10 May 2020
Feature: Added support for ARI International DX Contest, for
Ver 9.7 - 11 April 2020
Feature: Added support for
Bug Fix: Fixed REF Contest import into DX4WIN 9.0x
Ver 9.6 - 6 January 2020
Bug Fix: Submode was undefined for ARRL RTTY Round Up
Bug Fix: Callsign was truncated in About dialog box

Ver 9.5 - 2 September 2019
Feature: Added World Wide Digi DX Contest
Bug Fix: Added support for sub-modes like FT4
Bug Fix: For DX4WIN 9.01 and later, the EA RTTY contest used the wrong custom award name
Ver 9.4 - 1 July 2019
Feature: Added support for FT8 DX Contest
Bug Fix: Satellite field was not empty, which caused import errors with DX4WIN 9.05 and later
Ver 9.3 - skipped

Ver 9.2 - 2 December 2018
Feature: Added support for FT8 Round-Up (from WSJT-X)
Ver 9.1 - 14 January 2018
Bug fix: DC (District of Columbia) caused problems in NA Sprint, NAQP and TARA Melee
Ver 9.0 - 22 October 2017
Feature: Added support for DX4WIN 9.x
Feature: Added CQWW VHF Contest

Ver 7.0 - 1 July 2017
Feature: optionally convert callsigns logged with county abbreviation to /Mobile
Feature: added 5-letter abbreviations for IN QSO Party
Bug fix: recognize APP_WRITELOG_PR ADIF tag as Japanese prefecture in JIDX contest
Bug fix: use FIPS names for US counties. This corrects a few spelling mistakes.
Bug fix: skip QSOs that are missing a callsign (instead of crashing)
Bug fix: fixed invalid callsign reporting when date and/or time is missing. This can occur due to a corrupt ADIF QSO record.
Bug fix: transmitted serial #s weren't written to "Notes for this QSO" field for RDA contest
Other: now using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 compiler

Ver 6.4 - 1 February 2015
Feature: added OK-OM DX, SARTG WW RTTY and XE RTTY Contests
Bug fix: sent serial number wasn't always written
Ver 6.3 - 2 September 2014
Bug fix: mapping of Oahu abbreviations to Honolulu Co. in HI QSO Party
Feature: recognize APP_WRITELOG_C2 as an ADIF field representing a county line
Ver 6.2 - 27 May 2014
Feature: added OK DX RTTY, SAC and CQ-M contests
Feature: added state QSO parties: AR, HI, LA, MD, MS, NE, NJ, ND, OK, OR, SC, VT, WV (bold are untested with WriteLog, but should work for N1MM)
Feature: PA QSO Party converts ARRL section to US state for in-state participants
Feature: multiple logs can be converted in same session (no need to restart program)
Bug fix: crash converting CW Ops Mini-CWT log file
Bug fix: transfer of CQ zone from WriteLog in VOLTA RTTY contest
Bug fix: transfer of Name in TARA Grid Dip contest
Bug fix: transfer of serial number in PA QSO Party
Bug fix: transfer of notes from ADIF "NOTES" field to QSO Notes field
Bug fix: transfer of comments from ADIF "COMMENT" field to QSO Notes field
Bug fix: didn't always choose correct Name/QTH field when writing DX4WIN8 output
Bug fix: when writing DX4WIN6 format, ADIF log with FREQ_RX field but no FREQ field could crash program
Bug fix: missing space between Rx frequency and SerNr
Bug fix: when checking the state in NAQP, "not a US state" message printed wrong (possibly non-existent) ADIF field
Change: New ADIF parser, may introduce new bugs, or help identify old ones (like the above)
Change: only write unique callsigns (name/QTH) to .DXN file
Ver. 6.1 - 13 May 2014
Real Windows installer
Added conversion from LoTW report
Improved handling of DC and Mexican states in ARRL 10 Meter contest
Improved handling of NV and VA independent cities
Assorted code cleanup

Ver. 5.28 - 20 January 2014 (really should have been Ver. 6.0)
Changed compilers from Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to Visual Studio 2010
Ver. 5.27 - 31 March 2013
Convert contest exchange found in SRX_STRING/STX_STRING ADIF fields
Ver. 5.26 - 21 October 2012
Support SDOK in Worked All Germany (WAG)
Ver. 5.25 - 10 October 2012
Support Worked All Germany (WAG) for Win-Test
Ver. 5.24 - 14 June 2012
Added support for VHF bands up to 10 GHz
Ver. 5.23 - 10 April 2012
Program could crash if no received data was logged for contests that set the DX4WIN Custom Award field
Ver. 5.22 - 29 March 2012
Reject QSOs if the callsign contains illegal characters
Convert slash-zero in callsign to ASCII zero
Allow ADIF field values of more than 32 characters
Ver. 5.21 - 17 March 2012
Added Idaho QSO Party
Ver. 5.20 - 10 February 2012
Added Delaware QSO Party
Added "None" contest type (see above)
Ver. 5.13 - 30 January 2012
Initialized flag which could cause incorrect output
Added REF Contest (sets French Department custom award fields)
Fixed HA-DX contest for HB region
Ver. 5.12 - 22 January 2012
Added HA-DX Contest
Ver. 5.11 - 19 October 2011
Allow group numbers up to 65533 for DX4WIN 8.0x
Ver. 5.9 - 6 September 2011
Added N1MM support for All Asia
Ver. 5.8 - 27 August 2011
Added ARRL VHF, CW Open, Maritime QSO Party and VK Shires contest
Enhanced CWOPS Mini-CWT to work with K0PC WriteLog module
Added N1MM support for RDA
Ver. 5.7 - 20 May 2011
Added Nevada QSO Party
Ver. 5.6 - 27 February 2010
Recognizes CQ Zone in SRX field in Win-Test
Added missing RST for Makrothen RTTY
Ver. 5.5 - 20 November 2010
Fixed CWT (CW Ops Monthly mini-test) for N1MM and WriteLog
Ver. 5.4 - 3 October 2010
Fixed CA QSO Party
Ver. 5.3 - 3 October 2010
Importing a .DXQ file now obeys the "QSL Method" setting in your preferences.
Ver. 5.2 - 15 July 2010
Added CWops Monthly Mini-CWT Tests. Populates the CWOP custom award fields, as well as counts unique callsigns worked.
Ver. 5.1 - 6 July 2010
Renamed ANARTS WW RTTY to DRCG Long Distance Contest
Added DL-DX RTTY Contest
Added Oceania DX Contest
Added RAC Canada Contests
Ver. 5.0 - 26 May 2010
Added MN, NC and VA QSO Parties
Added JIDX (populates Japanese Prefecture custom award)
Added Manchester Mineira
Added combined 7QP/INQP/NEQP/MARAC (choice at the end)
CA, MI, OH and VA QSO parties put serial number in Recvd field
Fixed Nebraska QSO Party county abbreviations
ADIF field names (i.e. CALL, EOH, EOR) can be in UPPER or lower case
Volta RTTY now puts exchange in Recvd field (again)

Ver. 4.12 - 8 April 2010
Added Russian DX (fills in Russian Oblasts Custom Award field)
Ver. 4.11 - 6 April 2010
Added EA RTTY (fills in Spanish Provinces Custom Award field)
Ver. 4.10 - 8 March 2010
ARRL DX from N1MM fills in state/province worked by DX stations
Ver. 4.9 - 2 March 2010
Added WriteLog support for UBA (fills in Custom Award fields)
Fixed bugs when Frequency box is not selected
Ver. 4.8 - 27 February 2010
Added Win-Test support for ARRL DX
Improved: Don't write sent serial number (SerNr=) to "Notes for this QSO" field if contest does not use serial numbers
Ver. 4.7 - 31 January 2010
Added CQ 160 from Win-Test
Added Stew Perry TBDC
Ver. 4.6 - 24 January 2010
Don't write sent serial number (SerNr=) to "Notes for this QSO" field if contest does not use serial numbers
Ver. 4.5 - 21 January 2010
Added NM QSO Party
Added Win-Test support for ARRL RTTY Round-Up and NAQP
Ver. 4.4 - 25 November 2009
Added AL, AZ, KY and SD QSO Parties
Sent serial number (SerNr=) is written to "Notes for this QSO" field when Exchg/Serial is checked (default is unchecked)
Added missing space between frequency and QSO Note in DX4WIN6 format
Corrected/enhanced web documentation
Ver. 4.3 - 28 October 2009
Fixed a bug that prevented the Rx (split) freq from being written to the "Notes for this QSO" field if the notes field in the application was empty (DX4WIN8 only).
Ver. 4.2 - 21 October 2009
Fixed bug with RDA and WAG (DX4WIN custom award)
Ver. 4.1 - 20 October 2009
Added IA and NY QSO Parties
Added Makrothen RTTY
Added Worked All Germany
Ver. 4.0 - 14 September 2009
Added support for DX4WIN 8.x
Added CO, KS, MO, OH, TN and WA QSO Parties
Added RDA Contest (fills in Custom Award fields)
Added TARA Grid Dip
Broke states out into their own sub-menu (of State QSO Party)
RX_FREQ written to output if found
Corrected URL for Help button

Ver. 3.8 - 12 July 2009
Frequency in the QSO Notes field is optional
Added IARU HF World Championship
Report when Recvd field is truncated
Ver. 3.6 - 23 June 2009
Added All Asia
Ver. 3.5 - 14 June 2009
Added 7-Land QSO Party, New England QSO Party
Ver. 3.4 - 17 May 2009
Added SPDX, UKDX and VOLTA contests
Added GA, IN, MI, TX and WI QSO Parties
Received info (state/province/county/DX) in FL QSO Party now stored in Rcvd field
Fixed a crash if FREQ field used "," instead of "."
Ver. 3.3 - 1 April 2009
Fixed ARRL FD, ARRL SS and NAQP for N1MM
Ver. 3.2 - 11 January 2009
Don't duplicate names in .DXN file
Ver. 3.1 - 16 December 2008
Added IL QSO Party
Fixed bug with long filenames
Ver. 3.0 - 12 December 2008
Program is now called ADIF to DX4WIN (adif2dxq)
    New features
Added ARRL 10 meter
Added ARRL 160 Meter
Added CQ 160 Meter (2009 rules)
ARRL RTTY Round-Up, ARRL Sweepstakes and CQ WW RTTY now work with N1MM
Help button goes to web documentation
    Bug fixes
Contest name drop-down box works
Group number defaults to 0
QSO Notes defaults to empty (none)
Conversion results displayed first, followed by warnings
QSO Note limited to 64 characters

Ver. 2.9 - 7 December 2008
Added TARA Melee
Fixed bug with unrecognized section abbreviation in ARRL SS
Ver. 2.8 - 3 December 2008
Fixed CQWW CW/SSB to put CQ Zone in Recvd field
Ver. 2.7 - 6 November 2008
ARRL Field Day can write received exchange to Notes for this QSO field
Report invalid ARRL sections in Field Day, Sweepstakes
Ver. 2.6 - 4 November 2008
ARRL SS can write received exchange to Notes for this QSO field
Don't report received data warnings in CQWW SSB/CW
Ver. 2.5 - 9 October 2008
Added Florida and Pennsylvania QSO Parties
Added some support for N1MM conversion (tested with CA QSO Party)
Prevent program crash if ADIF file doesn't contain frequency
Prevent program crash if ADIF file contains blank lines
Ver. 2.2 - 7 October 2008
Initial release